Respiration is a basic reaction of all plant material, both in the field and after harvest. It is a continuing process in the growing plant as long as the leaves continue to make carbohydrates, and cannot be stopped without damage to the growing plant or harvested produce.

Fresh produce cannot replace carbohydrates or water after harvest. Respiration uses stored starch or sugar and will stop when reserves of these are exhausted; aging follows and the produce dies and decays.

Oxygen from the air breaks down carbohydrates in the plant into carbon dioxide and water. This reaction produces energy in the form of heat. 





The Industries first produce system that incorporates patent pending airflow with impact and contact stress management all in one modular system.

Enzymatic browning affects the color, flavor, and nutritional value of foods. Apples, due to their high phenolic content, make them highly susceptible to enzymatic browning.


The Airwave’s tray system was designed as a method to inhibit the browning reaction, and effectively increase the shelf life of all foods.