Durable steel construction with high quality powder coating, ABS Plastics and even plastic wood accents  provide a longevity of performance.

Our flat pack design provides less weight for transport and less overall area for packaging per pallet – actually less than 50% of existing displays. This means less cost and less truck area per installation.

Furthermore, the design provides easy installation and assembly while on the ground. No item weighs more than 50lbs to comply with International OSHA standards. 

Airwave provides an increase in antibacterial control allowing opportunity for a cleaner produce environment.    





Our food grade foam is molded into a unique pattern designed for use in ether a clients existing packing. The double air cavity prevents impact damage to the skin and flesh of the fruit while the ability to flat pack allows for minimal movement during transportation, while providing maximum volume.

Our produce protection system provide decreased bruising, increasing shelf life, ability to monitor produce volume (as all produce has its own compartment) and overall a more proactive and positive image of your company to their clientele.

Flat pack, increase maximum volume
Contact stress protection
Compartmentalized for produce protection
Available for box, crate or bin designs
Image builder for client