Properly controlled air management with airwave, combined with all other factors noted, increases the sustainability of the produce.

Shelf life in the food industry constitutes one of the most important bases of concern. Increasing shelf life of food products in a manner that allows healthy consumption and quality retention directly raises the profitability and efficiency of the grocery entity. Injury and damage to plant cells, plus the natural process of maturation causes plants to increase ethylene production. Ethylene increases cellular respiration, which in turn increases metabolic rate. After produce has been harvested this increase in respiration will shorten shelf life. 



Shoppers have access to five ‘very easily reachable’ stores on average, as well as 10 ‘easily reachable’ shops and 11 ‘reachable’, meaning it is easier than ever to switch between retailers.

Fresh categories such as; fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, dairy, and baked goods, typically account for up to 40 percent of grocery chains’ revenues. They are also strong drivers of store traffic and customer loyalty. 

The airwave unique modern design elements are not only functional, they are more attractive and clearly display to the public that additional care is being taken of their produce. This combined with product education, can be an important differentiator in the marketplace.

The Airwave Modular Produce Line is not only an attractive and functional model for your produce department, it is also a cost effective solution from both an initial implementation as well as an ongoing revenue building perspective.

The extended shelf life and enhanced taste, combined with customer appeal and increase in brand loyalty provide a solid return on investment.